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Party Planning Checklist TemplateA busy person should have a daily planner, a scrap of note that can be written using a Smartphone or planner book to organize their schedules. But we don’t want to talk about that kind of daily planner, though our writing will be still related to the planner. In this sense, we are about focusing our sight to party planning checklist. What is the relation with daily planner? If you are an organized people who always plan and manage everything on paper, you won’t have any difficulties on arranging a party which should have a list containing all items that will be used.

That checklist can be created easily, means you only need to create a table using Microsoft Word which consists of two columns and dozen rows. That table lists all items that are going to be used in a party. Under the table, you need to write down a “to-do-list” which consists of several things that have to be prepared before the party begins.  Though it is easy to create that checklist, we need to understand that the list plays the key role for a successful party. Now, you can manage all elements, items, and plans for your party in a much easier way.

Some of item you have to decide and put in your list before you start to share with your team are as follows :
– Party Type > Halloween, Prom, Farewell, etc
– Date/Time > at least 4 weeks before
– Location > House, Office, Hall, etc
– Person in Charge > Family and relatives, friends
– Budget
– Budget sources > Personal, Office, Funds etc
– Guest list > Family, relatives, friends etc
– Decorations > Wallpaper, balloon, lamps, tables, flowers etc
– Menu > Foods, drinks, snacks
– Entertainment > Music, bands

Once you decide it, you can start to map it into 4 weeks plan where some item have to be prepared at least 4 weeks before the party take place. This free party planning checklist template below already filled with those points. You can customize it to suit your party needs.

  Party Planning Checklist Template (75.0 KiB, 574 hits)

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