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There are no organizations, companies and industries that can run without employees. Every work place needs employees from various skills to fulfill what company needs. Sometimes seeking an employee can be hard if the company’s expectation is too high to set. Before an employee ready to work, they have to pass several tests including interview.

Candidate Interview Form Template

What is The Advantage of Interview for Company?

1. It is useful to obtain the information about perceptions and opinions before you hire your employee.
2. It allows more detailed questions to be asked. Sometimes if your feeling is strong with your candidates, you want to dig more about their opinions and perspective that might affect you more to hire them.
3. It clarifies doubt and ensures the understanding of interviewees. It can avoid ambiguity between the interviewer and interviewee.
4. It helps the interviewer to evaluate how the interviewee responds the question.
Interview can help your company to find the best candidate for the position that your company’s looking for. Before you set what kind of information and question you should include in your interview form, it’s better to follow this process.

How is The Interview Process?

Basically it is just a question and answer where candidate’s answers will be subjective based on your company’s interests.
1. Think about what information is required. What do you want to find out from your candidates?
2. Decide the method of data and the audience for the interviews to help you make the interview runs smoothly.
3. Make a draft the schedule, content, wording, format, structure and layout.
4. Test the draft with your colleagues or potential interviewees and revise if it’s needed.
5. You are ready to interview. After quite long process and revise, now you are sure what you are looking for in your soon-to-be employees.
If you seek for a handy interview form template, there are so many of them that you can choose. They contains from various types of interview to different types of questions and study cases that probably suit your needs.

Why Should You Use Interview Form Template?

You can use this document to help you interview from start to finish, as well as the process of selection. HR interview provides several interview form templates for you to choose. As it is in Microsoft Word type, it is easily to be adjusted without missing the key points and then it ready to be printed. With this template, you can easily collect and record interview results and present them to your superior to do the final selection.

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