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Call Center Evaluation Form TemplateIf you are Head of Customer Service department where you have to manage Call Center sub-department, or if you are Head of Call Center department itself, you may want to evaluate the performance of your employees. Nowadays, almost call center department have their phone conversation recorded. So, it should be easy to evaluate them based on those conversations.

If you already have trained them based on specific guidance, you can easily giving them scores based on what they do and miss within their conversation. If you are looking a form for that purposes, you can use this Microsoft Word Call Center Evaluation form for free. It has 10 scoring grades.

It contains item as follow :


  • Thank customer for calling
  • Identify identity to customer
  • Mention company name
  • Mention call is being recorded
  • Ask caller name
  • Ask the problem


  • Ask customer identity and check with their recorded database
  • Input new data if it is new customer


  • Apologize to the issue
  • Ask specific questions to address the problem
  • Ask caller to do necessary steps to solve the problem
  • Suggest further steps if the problem can’t be resolved by customer
  • If further steps is sending technician, inform approximate time they will visit customer location
  • If further steps is asking customer to bring damaged item to service center, inform them the address and approximate time frame to repair them
  • Inform customer their report number


  • Ask customer for other problems
  • Ask customer if they are satisfied with your service
  • Thank customer again for calling
  • Greet customer

You can add more item, modify it to be more detail and remove unnecessary item. You can reduce it to less scoring grades as well, perhaps to eight or five grades. Final scores will help you decide to put respective employees into another training or replace them with new employees.

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