User Acceptance Test Plan Sheet

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User Acceptance Test Plan SheetUser Acceptance Test Plan is a technical document to review any products that will be handed over from seller to buyer. It contains all technical and non-technical details from A to Z to make sure the products will be used, sold or distributed by its buyer without any problems. Electronic devices are common products that need to be tested because of its hardware and software dependencies. Any hardware/software failures will make the products can’t be used properly. And it will cost its distributor some amount of money if they have already delivered the products to their customers. This acceptance test should prevent those kinds of issues. And it could become parts of contract evaluation, because if they found high percentage of failures in this test, buyer should consider to re-evaluate or even cancel their purchasing contract.

This form below is designed as a test plan for Mobile Phone package. It doesn’t contain full test item though, but it should give you ideas on how to creating your own user acceptance plan sheet. You can create as many test item categories as needed to cover all of your product acceptance process.

In this test plan example, there are four dummy test item table shown as references. Package completeness is set to be the first test item category. In mobile phone package, completeness is a must. And in this table, all physical appearance also applied as part of acceptance test. This mobile phone products have to be seen as new products, so any scratch in its body should be counted to be rejected. You might put criteria in the table where the criteria should be agreed between seller and buyer before doing this test together.

You can continue to set criteria for test item 2 onward. Beside detail information, do not forget to put location, time, test method, tools and person in charge as information to be inputted for this user acceptance test plan.

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