Motorcycle Bill of Sale

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Motorcycle Bill of Sale Template for ExcelDo you plan to sell your motorcycle? Or do you plan to buy a used motorcycle? At the beginning, you will think that this is a kind of easy transaction. As the buyer, you just find the motorcycle, negotiate with the seller, pay the money and take your new bike home. On the other hand, as the seller, you have to prepare your bike, advertise, negotiate with buyer and receive the payment.

But it is not that simple, as a seller, I believe that you should make a checklist what to do before sell your motorcycle. Several checklists that you might prepare are :

  • Pricing research. Knowing the expected fair market value of your bike should help you on negotiating your bike price with your potential buyer. There are several internet sites that you can go to find more price information. Or you can just make a phone call to a motorcycle dealer to find out the fair price.
  • Motorcycle preparation. Repairing any minor scratches or dent, replace old accessories and cleaning it should help you increasing the value of the bike. And don’t forget to tune it up, so the buyer can start the engine without any problems. And it will be good if you have collected any service records and receipts of your bike. Because it will convince your buyer about the real condition of your motorcycle.
  • Advertisement. Whether you post your advertisement online or in a newspaper, an effective advertisement can greatly help in selling your bike quickly. Especially if you can post some good pictures of your bike. And make sure that you put price, mileage, and some details which should be useful to attract your potential buyer.

And when you finished negotiating with your buyer, do not forget to sign motorcycle bill of sale where it will be used as a transaction proof and should protect both parties if there is any disputes arisen in the future.

You can use this motorcycle bill of sale template below to facilitate that process. You can add more terms inside the template as agreed by both parties, seller and buyer.

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