2018 South Africa Public Holidays Calendar

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2018 South Africa Calendar with Public HolidaysEvery year in South Africa, there is several days those are considered being public holidays as has been announced by the nation’s authority. Public holidays in South Africa are determined by Public Holidays Act. In a total, South Africa has 12 public holidays every year.

In South Africa, there is a rule regarding the holidays and that is if a holidays falls on Sunday, the following Monday will be made as holiday as well. During a public holiday in South Africa, banks and many businesses will be most closed while retail business such as retail shops and some public facilities will still be operated. The dates for Easter celebration; be it the Good Friday or the Easter Sunday are changing every year but will usually fall on late March or beginning of April. So every year, it’s recommended to see official holiday table.

1st January : New Year’s Day
First day in New Year according to Gregorian (Western) calendar. The same with any other countries around the world, South Africa celebrates this day, start from the night of 31st December until 1st January. You can see plenty of attractions in any cities, especially in Capetown, where fireworks are becoming the main attraction when the clock is showing 00:00 as a sign of a new year.

21st March : Human Rights Day
A day to celebrate the adoption and the proclamation of UDHR or Universal Declaration of Human Rights

30th March : Good Friday
A Friday before Easter

2nd April : Family Day
A day where people take a break from their works and gather around with their families and enjoy quality time.

27th April : Freedom Day
A day to celebrate freedom and the first election in post-apartheid

1st May : Labor Day
An international celebration of workers’ achievements

16th June : Youth Day
A special day dedicated to the youths of South Africa

9th August : National Women’s Day
A day to commemorate the national march of South African’s women in 1956

24th September : Heritage Day
A day to celebrate the heritage of South African’s cultural

16th December : Reconciliation Day
A day to foster the national unity and reconciliation

25th December : Christmas Day
A day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ

26th December : Day of Goodwill/Boxing Day
A holiday following Christmas Day holiday

This 2018 calendar template below is already marked with South Africa public holiday. You can modify its date marker as well as add new events in this Microsoft Word calendar template.

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