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Room Cleaning Checklist TemplateRoom cleaning checklist assists room cleaners in organizing their task. By using this checklist, they can make sure that every aspect of their room cleaning task is well taken care of. There is no task being skipped or missed and there is no time being wasted. This checklist is useful for everyone who has to deal with room cleaning regularly. Even people whose room cleaning duty is not their regular or official job will benefit from using this checklist because it makes their duty more efficient, less time consuming, and more cost-effective.

Room cleaning checklist template is designed to provide room cleaners or their supervisors with an easy tool for creating a room cleaning checklist. The template is easy to use because it is editable with any word-processing programs, which are known for their user-friendliness and extensive supports. Because the procedure of cleaning any rooms in any places on this earth is relatively the same, the template may not need to be edited first before being used. It can be printed immediately after being downloaded. The template is available as a free download; therefore, there is no reason why room cleaners don’t use this template to create their room cleaning checklist.
Anyone who has to clean room regularly will find this template useful because it organizes and simplifies his/her job. You will likely need this template if you are among the following people.
1. Room cleaners working in hotels, guesthouses, resorts, lodges, and other places for overnight stay
They often need the checklist not only to keep their tasks organized, but also to report to their supervisor after they finish cleaning the room. The checklist is a written report confirming that they have taken care of all necessary aspects of the cleaning job.
2. Room cleaning providers
There are currently cleaning services that serve many families and help them keep their home clean. They also need a room cleaning checklist for the same purpose with that of hotel room cleaners.

This simple room cleaning checklist below contains 6 columns with Date, Hour, Employee Name, Signature, Yes/No and Notes titles. Feel free to modify all of those titles as well as its layout.

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