Goods Receiving Form

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Goods Receiving Form Template for WordGoods receiving form is a document to record incoming goods from particular supplier. This document will be useful to track all goods that have been received within specific period. By having this information written in one form, any logistic staffs will easily analyze and make regular report to their superior or other department.

In this form, any people can see ordered dates, quantity of ordered goods and its price. Any variation in ordered quantity and price can be spotted quickly. For financial department, this number will be used as reference for creating company’s budget or reporting profit and loss budget. For marketing or purchasing department, this number can be used to evaluate either item from this supplier still worth to purchase.

If you are working as a logistic staff, you might need to adjust some columns since you might need other important information required by your company. You just need to open it using Microsoft Word and start edit it. For example, you can adjust it to accommodate item from more than one suppliers. In that case, you can delete supplier information on top of its table. You can duplicate this document as many as you want. And to make it easier to find, you may rename it with your supplier name. At the bottom of this goods receiving form template, you will see signature areas that must be signed by logistic employees. You can remove it if you don’t need it.

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