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Goods Return Form TemplateA goods return form is a form used to document the process of a customer returning a recently purchased good back to the seller. This document is considered necessary because just like purchase, goods return is also a commercial dealing that may carry legal consequence. By producing this document and having the customer who returns the goods sign it, a seller, distributor or retailer has a written proof that a customer has taken back the merchandise that he/she buys to the seller. The signed form can later be used by the retailer to get a replacement from the producer, wholesaler or manufacturer of the returned goods.

If you are a seller, distributor or retailer of goods and you have specified a return policy confirming that your customers can return certain goods that are under certain conditions, you will need this template. You have to make sure that any events involving customers taking back goods they previously purchase are properly documented.

If you are looking  for a goods return reference, you can use this free and editable Microsoft Word template below.
This goods return form template contains the following elements.
1.    A table on the top with a large Goods Return header and the return date.
2.    A table specifying the identity of customers who return the goods.
3.    A table specifying the type and description of the returned goods, the goods’ quantity and price, and the reason why they are returned,
4.    A notice explaining the type of compensation that the customer will receive, which can be a refund, a replacement with another good (identical or different), or a store credit.
5.    Signature field that must be signed by the returning party.

This template is useful because it allows sellers to skip the hassle of designing a goods return form. The form itself is also important because it becomes a legal proof when the sellers wish to acquire replacement from the manufacturer of the goods and a corroborating evidence when the returning process carries legal consequence. You are not bonded with this design. It is just a reference. It would be better if you can create your own Goods Return Form to make sure it comply your company’s policy.

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