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Job Description - Bank TellerBank teller hold the frontline job in a bank as they are interact with the customer first. They are crucial position from banking position. In general, bank teller job description is create accurate and efficiently routine transaction for bank client includes cash checking, accept deposit and withdrawal transactions, process loan payment, money transfer process and record it.

Bank teller also advice the consumer for the bank product and services that might consumer needs it for their financial product. Here are several main job and responsibilities from bank teller job description;

  1. Providing account services for customer by receive the payment of loans and receive deposits, checking cash, issuing the withdrawal savings, record the deposit mail and night, sell the cashier check, traveler check and e-bonds, and provide answer from person both in bank or telephone that refer into bank service
  2. Recording transaction that logged from cashier check, prepare the reports of currency transaction
  3. Complete the customer special requests such as close the accounts, take order for checks , exchange the foreign currencies, providing special bank statements, copies and the referral into customers, complete the procedure of safe deposits box.
  4. Reconciles the cash drawer by approve the cash transactions, count and package the currency and coins, excess cash turning and mutilated currency into head teller, maintain the cash and currency supply
  5. Keeping the confidential information from customer and protect the bank operation
  6. Ensure the compliance task with entire internal control and establish procedure and policies
  7. Cash checks and pay out money after verify that the signatures is correct, written in numerical and amounts agree, and ensure that the account has sufficient funds
  8. Input the customer transaction into bank record computer and issues the receipts base on computer
  9. Identify for transaction mistakes when debit and credit is in unbalance condition
  10. Explain and promote the product and services provided by bank
  11. Compose, type and customer mailing statement and correspondence due to issues related with outstanding unpaid item and discrepancies
  12. Resolve problem that concern in customer account and carry out the special requirement from customer such as bank cards order an check

Being the bank teller is sweet job with comfort desk seat. You need to pay attention in detail and friendly attitude to the customer. You need to be calm and act as the customer service representation when you meet with excited, stressed and angry customer that have problem with their account. There are still other duties and responsibilities written in document below.

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