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Job Description - Financial AnalystFinancial analyst can be a great job to start your career, especially for you who hold accounting bachelor degree. To help you planning your career in the future, there are several things you have to know about the financial analyst job description. There are several things a financial analyst should do;

  1. Participate to make financial decision. A financial analyst should provide necessary financial analysis to their company. It helps the company making any decision, even the decision that is not directly related to the financial condition.
  2. Assist new financial project. It means a financial analyst should be able to look after the financial data and condition of any new project or business process of the company.
  3. Day to day financial analysis. It is also part of the financial analyst job description to watch over everyday transaction such as payment, general accounting, and daily financial report.
  4. Research job. At the same time, a financial analyst is also responsible to observe the general financial condition of the company. They have to present their research or observation in their monthly report.
  5. Communication job. In some cases a financial analyst should also able to create inter department communication when there is any financial problem and in some company, a financial analyst should also able to communicate with the clients. Take for example in a bank, a financial analyst has to analyze every new clients’ potential for the company, especially to analyze people’ financial condition when they want to get some loan.

In order to perform the financial analyst job description well, there are some requirements for anyone who want to get the job. Besides, you have to hold at least an accounting or business analysis bachelor degree, it is a must for you to be have an advance Microsoft Excel skills. The company will also prefer to hire people with excellent written and oral communication skills, especially they who speak more than one languages or speaks particular language that supports the company relation.

It is also a must for you who want to be a financial analyst to have control and analyze financial data well for financial analyst will give big contribution to the company for any financial decision making. Some companies even look for a financial analyst who hare able to perform beautifully professional, especially for the financial analyst who has high mobility at work. It will emphasize the company’s professional look and assure the clients to trust the company.

Below is a free job description template with written duties and responsibilities of a financial analyst. Feel free to modify it.

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