Employee Contract Termination Letter

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Contract Termination Letter - Word TemplateTerminating the contract of your employee might be one of the hardest things that should you do as a business owner. However, with the right and professional tone which get to the point that are used in a contract termination letter, you could get the better result both for you and your employee. The letter should open with the formal heading and include your employee’s name, your company’s name and the address of your company. Here a sample of the decent and proper contract termination letter.

Dear John Doe,

Due to recent global economic condition and the decrease of spending that become beyond my control, as the chairman of Finney Steel Company I have required to reassess the availability of funding the contracts of our employees. As the result of this reassessment, the company has to cease your contract known as 23364/John Doe. This letter is sent to you as written termination notice as of 1 February, 2013.

With this letter, you will find the attachment that would tell you about the scope of the company’s performance and the budget for any authorized performance which would be still effective for the remaining duration of your contract. You also could find more information related to amended budget and performance as the result of this contract termination on the attachment. Please read it very carefully and make sure you understand the situation we’re dealing on. You would be rewarded for the performance approved and received during this specified period based on your contract and this termination letter.

As the company is not approved to require or apply amount above the approved limits, this letter will give out as written notice that performance stated above the points outlined in this letter of termination and attachment were not approved, and wouldn’t be served under your contract. You may not receipt or file any affirm for compensation for any performance made outside the quantity of the attachment and this letter of termination.

The company will work with you to execute this decision and really appreciate your support and persistence during this challenging moment.


You can download sample employee contract termination letter above in Microsoft Word format below.

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