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Wanted Poster TemplateCreating wanted poster might be one of the most exciting ways to decorate your kids’ bedroom. Wanted poster might be also needed by students who want to have plays or shows on school. Basically, you could buy custom wanted poster easily these days. However, if you want to get better results and you want to have wanted poster with more original idea, creating your own wanted poster might be the perfect choice for you. Creating your own wanted poster is not as difficult as it seems. As long as you have enough material and know what information that you should include in the poster, you will be able to create your own wanted poster.

What Should You Prepare To Create Wanted Poster
The main thing that you need to prepare before you start to make your own wanted poster is the details about the character that is wanted. These details including:

  1. The name of the character.
  2. The aliases of the character if there any.
  3. Physical descriptions of the character, including any distinguishing or outstanding traits that the character has. The details that could be added as physical descriptions are including weight, height, sex, eye color, hair color, scars, and clothing.
  4. Describe the reasons why the character is wanted. Other details that could be added are including the terrible things that the character did, whether the character is hiding or not, whether the character has partners or not, and whether the character is armed or not.
  5. Describe the personal preferences of the character such as what activities do the character like to do or what hobbies or skills do the character has.

What Does a Wanted Poster Include?
The wanted poster should include several important details about the character, such as:

  1. The picture of the character. You could get picture from magazine or use the picture from the internet.
  2. The words that say ‘Help Wanted’. These words usually came with bold, large sized font and they are usually placed on the top side of the poster.
  3. The name of the character which is written below the picture of the character.
  4. The physical description that is written after the words that say ‘physical description’.
  5. The description of the reasons why the character is wanted that is written after the word that says ‘crime’.
  6. The hobbies, special skills, and additional information that are related to the character.

Why Should You Use Wanted Poster Template
The template allows you to create wanted poster without have to use too much effort. If you use the template, you will be able to create wanted poster that has better design and more convinced.

Below are some samples you can use as your references.

  Wanted Poster - A3 Size - Model 1 (44.1 KiB, 458 hits)

  Wanted Poster - A3 Size - Model 2 (44.1 KiB, 309 hits)

  Wanted Poster - A3 Size - Model 3 (43.8 KiB, 285 hits)

  Wanted Poster - A3 Size - Model 4 (43.8 KiB, 287 hits)

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