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Model Application Form TemplateBecoming a photo model is every girl’s dream. By becoming a photo model they hope that they will be famous and get a lot of money.  If you are a photo model agency, surely you will not accept all girls to be your photo model. You need to screen them and choose only those with talents and required conditions. To screen the photo model applicants, Photo Model Application Form is needed. The form is used to get information from the photo model applicants in detail. This form should be made based on  the information the agency wants to know.

Because you need to apply strict screening process, you must have a good application form that should dig more information from the applicants. Below is one of model application form sample that might meet your own requirements. But, you still need to customize it by yourself because it won’t cover your needs 100%.

Items that are covered in this template are :

Personal Details : Name, address, birth date, mobile phone, social security number etc
Physical Details : Height, Weight, Eye Color, Skin Color, Clothes Size etc
Modeling Experiences : List of modeling activity in Magazines, Television, Exhibition, Events etc
Types of Modeling : Fashion, Accessories, Gadget, Wear etc
Employment Terms and Conditions : It consists of rules that must be obeyed by applicants when they are accepted as your company’s model
Model/Photo Release : It consists of photo/video rights that will be managed by your company based on agreeable term that could be signed in a more detail agreement later when the applicants are worked with your company.

Feel free to modify the template below, but if you are managing a big company/agent, you should ask your lawyer to create an official one, except you want to make this template just as an application form that will be strengthen by an official contract after applicants are passed all of your screening test.

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