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Open Sign TemplateWhen you are opening a new store or a new sales booth, you might want to inform people about the time when your store is opened/closed. The fastest way to do this is to buy open/closed sign in some stores and put it in front of your door. But, sometimes, you need to customize the sign, for example adding your store style/logo or put opening hour below open/close sign. If that’s the case, you can use this Open and Close Sign template for Microsoft Word. There are several models you can customize, from the simple one with Open/Close word only until advance one with Opening hour table below the sign.

Besides using it for your store, you can use it for any other purposes as well. For example, for your music event, exhibition event, cafe etc. It is recommended that you print it in a photo paper and laminate it to prevent it from being wet.

Open and Closed Word only Sign
These templates contain words only. You can customize it by changing its background color (from page color menu) as well as changing its fonts and words. You might not see page color in your print preview window, but you will get it colored when you print it. Depends on your printer models, the printed color might look different from the color you see on your computer screen.

  Open and Close Sign Model 3 (16.4 KiB, 1,221 hits)

  Open and Close Sign Model 4 (16.4 KiB, 733 hits)

Open and Closed with Opening Hour Sign
There are horizontal and vertical opening hour table you can personalize before you print it. If you need more than 3×3 current table, you can add new row and column from table design menu. You can also show/hide its border.

  Open and Close Sign Model 1 (19.1 KiB, 1,043 hits)

  Open and Close Sign Model 2 (18.9 KiB, 709 hits)

  Open and Close Sign Model 5 (19.3 KiB, 723 hits)

Open 24 Hours Sign
You might need this one if your store/cafe is opened for 24 hours. You can stick it on the wall near your store/cafe entrance door. But, if you want to have a more eye-catching sign, you should order a 24 hours with lamp and put it outside your place. This sign should attract more people to come to your place.

  Open 24 Hours Sign (16.1 KiB, 426 hits)


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