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Construction Agreement Template for WordConstruction contract template is going to be needed by both the contractor and the client in order to make the constructing process clear. As we know, many companies need the contract to make an agreement with the constructor when they want to build industrial facility, office building, and so on. In the contract, there will be many things related to the scope of the work explained there. That is why construction contract is incredibly important. Below is more information about it and one of the examples of the simplest construction contract template.

What should be Written in Construction Contract?
In a construction contract template, many things that are explained are including the bid analysis, the pre-construction services, the coordination with subcontractors and the architects and so on. In the contract, the agreement about the payment is also needed to be written and the project completion schedules are also needed to be written. If there is a dispute, both of the parties can use the arbitration written in the contract to resolve the dispute. Not only that, any damages related to the construction are also needed to be determined according to the clause of liquidated damages written in the contract.

Here is a common Construction Contract example :

{Constructor’s Name/Company}, henceforth written as “Constructor,” and {Client’s name/ Company’s name}, henceforth written as “Client,” are making agreement in this contract on {date, month, and year}, for the purposes of providing the construction of {detail of the property}, located at {detailed location of the construction site}.

• The Constructor agrees that the Constructor will be constructing a {detail of the property} for the Client.
• The Client agrees to pay the Constructor the amount of money according to the payment plan below:
{Payment plan}
• The Client agrees that if the payment is not paid according to the payment plan above, the Constructor can stop all work until the payment is paid
• The Client understands that if necessary changes are made during the construction process, the Client has to be responsible for the additional costs.
• The Constructor is responsible for all equipment and materials needed for the completion of the job.
• The Constructor agrees that the construction will start on {date}, and that the workers will work {workers’ working schedule}, and the construction will be completed on {date}.
• The Constructor understands that any delays should be discussed with the Client.
• The Constructor agrees to provide insurance policy of {amount} that will cover the material, equipment, subcontractors, and workers.
• The Constructor agrees that the Constructor has the responsibility to remove all equipment, debris, materials, and so on from the constructing location after it is completed.

This construction contract is subject to the regulations and laws of {Name of State/ Country}.

Constructor and Client Signatures

The real contract should be more than one page, depends on clauses to be put inside. Below is another sample written in Microsoft Word. Remember that written sample above or inside the Word file is just a reference sample. You must consult your lawyer to get a more official one.

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