Horse Bill of Sale

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Horse Bill of Sale TemplateIf dog is man’s best friend, horse is another thing. This is the mark of your manhood. Having a horse can become great thing you ever experienced in your life. Riding your horse also can become a great relaxation activity and it’s also good sport that you can use to train your body and mind. But, you also need to prepare everything for your horse, including the treatment.

This is where things getting little bit complicated. Yes, what else? It’s about the money you need to spend for your horse treatment. . It’s a big amount of money. There are two options that you can take. You can find a way to get more money for your horse treatment, or you can sell your horse to someone else that can give your horse good treatment. Now, if you have found your buyer and agree with the price, you just need to make it official. That will need a bill receipt. This horse bill of sale template can help you to finish your transaction. So, you won’t get any problem in the future.

This template has the agreement text on top of the template. And, this template is also equipped with table that you can use to put detail information about your horse, such as name, sex, breed, and color, date of birth, application number, sire and dam. Plus, there are extra rows to describe your horse condition. To make it looks more formal, there’s also table for you and your horse buyer information.

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