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Yes No Survey Word TemplateThe checklist is made to help you check about everything on the list and so that you do not miss a single thing that should be checked. Yes No Checklist helps you to check whether something is No or Yes. You only need to write the description of  something on the list and mark the “Yes” box when it is Yes or mark “No” box when it is No.

Yes No Checklist can help you organize something such as birthday parties. You can write down anything you need to prepare for the birthday and use the checklist to make sure everything is ready. If you find No on your checklist, then you should immediately prepare it so the party will run well. The other application is for a questionnaire on something and you want people to answer it with Yes or No. People can easily check the “Yes” or “No” boxes or you can be the checker and people answer the question verbally.

The template is a word format that you can easily modify as you need. You can change the title of the Yes No Checklist or you can add more description of the checklist. For example, you can change the title with “Birthday Checklist”, put the name on it, and write complete information about the date, time, and location.

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