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Billing Statement Template for WordA billing statement is a summarized bill that is sent by a creditor to all its customers every month. Most common billing statement you will receive is credit card billing statement. Nowadays, many credit card companies sending their billing statement electronically, via email, as part of minimizing paper usage.  A billing statement is a summary of all activity related to a specific account that took place during a previous 30-day cycle. The billing statement will show all new purchases and all payments received, as well as the current balance of the account, the finance charge that has been calculated, other fees, the available credit and the credit limit. Besides credit card companies, there are many service and finance companies that are also provide billing statement to their customers. Some of them are insurance, stocks, cable television, and internet service provider company. They provide billing statements in order to keep track of their customer payments or their customer portfolio.

This is a general billing statement template that you can use to inform your customer about their financial status of using services. You can personalize it to suit your company needs.

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