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Job Description Template Model 4A job description is an employee’s task list which consists of employee’s duty and responsibility that they must do in daily or weekly bases based on their position in the company where they work. Job description could be different in different companies even though the employees are in the same position. It depends on plenty of factors, like company size and its business category. You may find some job descriptions are written in narrative description which should give you a clear understanding about the job you have to do. But, you may also find some are very simple where you have to interpret carefully to make sure that there is no misunderstanding while doing it.

A new employee should be given this job description list before they start to work so they can learn more about their jobs. If you are an HR people who are looking for a template to write job description down to your employees, you might use this free template below.

Job Title : Employee’s title
Reporting To : Higher rank of respective employees, like supervisors, managers, directors
Department : Employee’s Department
Job Type : Full Time or Part Time
Location : Head Office, Branch, Store Name, etc

You can add more important information or modify roles and responsibilities information above.

Duties and Responsibilities :
This is the area where you can write your employee’s tasks. You can write in narrative or in a numbered list.

Academic Qualification :
This area should be useful to guide HR people on filtering candidates for a position when your company opening a job vacancy.

Work Experiences and Skills :
Depends on employee’s position and expertise, you might need to write needed work experiences and skills to make sure all tasks in this list are handled by employee with certain expertise.

You can insert your company letterhead in this template to make it as your official job description template.

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