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Letterhead SD1 Style - Black Moon LeftThese are letterhead templates you can download and use for any occasion. It should be fit if you are running a small business company or as a freelancer. The blank area can be used to put your letter title, for example invoice title, memo title or other title where you plan this letterhead as a printed paper.

This is a two-tone letterhead that is designed with half moon consideration. The left part is having black color and the right part is having a white color in moon … or … eagle eye shape. This letterhead should be suitable for company that has space consideration and need to put their letter title inside the letterhead.

How to Use :

Change the logo :
1. Double-click the company logo
2. Select company logo
3. Delete company logo
4. Insert new picture menu > insert > picture > from file
5. Select your picture
6. Adjust your picture

Change company detail information:
1. Double-click company information
2. Select all words
3. Delete words
4. Type your company information

Feel free to modify and adjust this letterhead template. There are two colors, black and blue, available to be choosen.

  SD1 Letterhead (63.0 KiB, 2,314 hits)

  SD1 Letterhead - Blue Moon Left (63.0 KiB, 1,785 hits)

Letterhead SD1 Style - Blue Moon Right

This model has the Moon Style version, like the first one, but it has the moon image on the right side. The blank area can be used to put your letter title, for example invoice title, memo title or other title where you plan this letterhead as a printed paper.

  SD1 Letterhead - Black Moon Right (61.5 KiB, 1,332 hits)

  SD1 Letterhead - Blue Moon Right (62.0 KiB, 1,193 hits)

Letterhead SD2 Style - Simple

If you need a simple letterhead where you have to put only your company logo in the letterhead, you can use this one. Just double-click the company logo image to go into header-footer menu and replace the image with your company logo. There are two type of simple letterhead available to be downloaded.

At the footer section, you can type your company detail information by replacing the words with your information. This type of letterhead is suitable for a personal companies or a neutral letterhead.

  SD2 Letterhead - Simple (39.5 KiB, 1,442 hits)

  SD2 Letterhead - Simple with Wings (39.5 KiB, 1,204 hits)

Letterhead SD3 Style - Blue Left Bar

This is a style of letterhead which put all company information on top of the letterhead. And there is a blue bar at the left side of the paper that is used as a background. Feel free to modify the color, the fonts, and other to suit your needs.

  SD3 Letterhead - Blue Left Bar (39.5 KiB, 1,634 hits)

Letterhead SD4 Style - Boxes

You can use this letterhead as your letterhead basic design. It is created with boxes as its base where there is a blank boxes to be filled with your company logo or your letter title, followed by blue boxes to make it nice. You can modify the color, the size and even the appearance of all boxes here. Probably, you have a better imagination on using these boxes style.

  SD4 Letterhead - Boxes (24.5 KiB, 1,129 hits)

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