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Missing Person Poster TemplateWhen someone dear to you gone missing, instantly you will contact the police for help. While waiting for the police, sometimes family of the missing person will work on Missing Person Poster. It is meant to create posters that can raise awareness on the missing person. Anyone who have ever seen the person recently, can send the information immediately to the police or family. It can help to increase the possibility of finding the victim faster.

Missing person poster is something common that’s  often found on the streets. It won’t be weird to place these posters in the corner of the street. In fact, it can help to get more people to aware on the missing person news that will increase the chance of finding the victim.

When will you Need Missing Person Template?
A missing person case is a serious matter that requires help from the authority. However, you can help yourself by using Missing Person Poster Template to speed up your poster creation and to spread the words of this news. You should start thinking about missing person poster if:
• Your family or a dear one is gone missing
• Your family gone missing and you have contacted the police and they told you to wait at home
• There’s no news from the police of the missing person

Details In Missing Person Poster
As Missing Person Poster is related to a person’s life, it’s important to ensure the following information has been inserted on the poster:
• Picture or photograph of the missing person
• Physical traits or certain characteristics of the missing person
• Details on time and location of the missing
• Contact person
• Prize, if family have extra budget to be given to the informant.

The only reason you need to work on Missing Person Poster is to find information as many as possible, as soonest as possible. In the case of missing person, every second counts. If the police receive new information right away, the chance of getting good news is quite high. Working on the poster word template is the easiest and fastest way to spread the news to the entire city. It doesn’t require any fancy details on the design. As long as it has the picture and description of the missing person along with contact number, it should be enough to bring some light on the search. There are free six missing person poster samples below you can download and customize to meet your own requirements. From letter size to A3 size, from plain poster to reward poster (emphasizing on some words by getting the fonts bold, bigger and colorful). You can also search other references in internet to apply to these templates. There is a black border line inside the template as your guidance to put your picture and texts. You can remove those black border color once you finished customizing it.

  Missing Person Template 2 Pics with Help Us Please - Model 2 - A3 (69.3 KiB, 3,347 hits)

  Missing Person Template 2 Pics with Help Us Please - A3 (69.0 KiB, 1,273 hits)

  Missing Person Template - Letter Size (43.9 KiB, 3,440 hits)

  Missing Person Template - A3 Size (44.2 KiB, 1,120 hits)

  Missing Person Template with Reward- A3 Size (44.3 KiB, 1,004 hits)

  Missing Person Template with Help Us Please - A3 Size (44.3 KiB, 1,240 hits)

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