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Danger Sign TemplateDanger sign template is basically needed in every industry from machinery industry to shipping industry. It is because almost every workplace in any industries have risks and if the bosses do not want any hazardous or dangerous things happen to the employees, it is better for them to have a danger sign. The danger sign is usually bold and huge so that the employees can see it vividly and then understand that they must be careful because they are in the middle of something dangerous. That is the reason why danger sign is really important and needed. Below you will find the further information about the danger sign.

You do need the danger sign if you are:
1. Running a workplace full of heavy materials. Heavy materials can easily fall down and stomp your employees. It will put your employees in a great danger.
2. Running a workplace full of dangerous chemical liquid. If you are running a factory or pharmacy place where it is full of chemical liquid that can easily catch on fire or explode, you need the danger sign really bad.
3. Running a workplace full of explosive materials. You need the danger sign really bad if you do running a workplace with high amount of explosive materials. It can explode anytime and endanger each and every one in your company.

A danger sign must be really clear and straight forward. So, a good danger sign has these following characteristics:
1. Made out of strong materials such as plywood or sheet of metal. The material to make the sign must be strong because you want it to be long lasting.
2. Written clearly and have the danger sign such as skull on it so that everyone can understand really easily that it means dangerous.
3. Have popping color such as yellow or white with red border so that it will get anyone’s attention.

If you do not have your own design of danger sign, you can download several samples created in Microsoft Word below. It is fully editable. You can customize it to suit your sign purposes. Either for temporary of permanent solution.

  Danger Sign (19.9 KiB, 427 hits)

  Danger Sign Model 2 (108.6 KiB, 381 hits)

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