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Math Quiz Sheet TemplateAs teachers, it is very often that you create quizzes as part of your routine tasks to evaluate your students. If you are new teachers, you might want to have templates where you can customize with your own lesson materials. These Match Quiz sheets should help you quicken its process. It might not be a perfect template, and the collection is not completed yet, but it should giving you ideas on how to create your own. It uses Microsoft Word which mostly you are already familiar with.

These templates are basic templates for Math quizzes. You can use it if you are teachers of 1st or 2nd grade students. There are several models available that you can choose and customize it.

Template that you see in the first picture is model number 1 and it is designed for 1st grade students where you can change its number and operator signs. The number of columns and rows can be adjusted by deleting unused columns and rows. There are 50 question boxes allocated in this model.

Second and third model have similar type of questions with the first one, except all questions are aligned in horizontal position, as you can see in picture below. You can modify its number and operator signs as well as its answer borders.

Math Quiz Sheet Template model 2

The fourth model is designed for 2nd grade students where they should have learned fraction numbers. There are 10 pictures in this template that you can see in picture below where each students can type the color part of respective pictures in fraction numbers. They are fully editable as well.

Math Quiz Sheet Template Model 4

More templates are still to come when they are available.

  Math Quiz Template - 1st Grade (25.0 KiB, 296 hits)

  Math Quiz Template - 1st Grade - Model 2 (20.1 KiB, 268 hits)

  Math Quiz Template - 1st Grade - Model 3 (20.6 KiB, 281 hits)

  Math Quiz Template - 2nd Grade (67.1 KiB, 290 hits)

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