Multiple Choice Sheet

steve   October 21, 2015  

Multiple Choice Template - WordMultiple choice quiz is a quiz that requiring its participants or respondents to choose the best possible answer from a given list of answers. There is usually only one correct answer, although it is also possible for a quiz item to contain more than one correct answers. Multiple choice quiz has been widely used in educational testing, market researches that involve the utilization of questionnaires, and elections.

Because respondents only need very little time to answer a quiz item, multiple choice quiz is often considered more efficient than a short essay quiz. Although it is often considered disadvantageous because a correct answer may be attained through guessing, this disadvantage has been strategically overcome by imposing penalty for any incorrect answers.

This multiple choice sheet template is a convenient tool to design a multiple choice quiz. Because this type of quiz mostly involves multi-level numbering (for both the item numbers and the answer letters), which for some word processor users is considered difficult to handle, a template with its automatic processing of numbering will surely be a great help. By using this multiple choice quiz template, designing a quiz that is convenient for respondents to answer and for assessor to manage will be quick and easy.

This template will be useful for anyone who frequently uses multiple choice quiz to gather answers or data. You will likely need this template if:
1. You are a teacher who regularly designs quizzes and questions for your students.
2. You are a marketing researcher or a marketer who gathers marketing data using questionnaires.
3. You are an election official who is assigned to design the ballot.

A multiple choice quiz paper consists primarily of the title of the quiz and all of the provided questions and answers. This template thus follows that pattern. It contains title template that can be easily edited and blank question and answer template where real questions and answers can be written down. Users only have to focus on writing their questions and answers without worrying very much about formatting because the template has handled it for them.

Multiple choice quiz is useful because it allows test-takers or respondents to use as little as possible time to provide as many as possible answers. Because this template provides a quick and easy solution to create the quiz, using it is also considered advantageous.

  Multiple Choice Form - ABCD with questions (17.9 KiB, 10,498 hits)

  Multiple Choice Form - ABCD with questions 2 (18.7 KiB, 4,741 hits)

If you are looking for multiple choice answer sheets only, as shown in picture below, you can download those templates below the picture. There are several multiple choice pattern you can choose and modify. All are editable and free to be customized.

Multiple Choice Answer Sheet

  Multiple Choice Form - 50 ABCDE (39.8 KiB, 6,489 hits)

  Multiple Choice Form - 75 ABCDE (45.9 KiB, 2,249 hits)

  Multiple Choice Form - 100 ABCDE (54.4 KiB, 3,777 hits)

  Multiple Choice Form - 50 ABCD (36.6 KiB, 3,471 hits)

  Multiple Choice Form - 75 ABCD (40.9 KiB, 1,650 hits)

  Multiple Choice Form - 100 ABCD (47.2 KiB, 4,012 hits)