2016 Canada Public Holidays Calendar

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2018 Canada Calendar with Public HolidaysThere are only 4 national holidays which are celebrated in Canada in year 2018. But, don’t worry, you will still get additional holidays but it will depend on the region where you stay. If you are working in Canada, it is almost sure that you will use your leave day allocation if you plan to have a vacation outside your country.

National holidays

1st January : New Year’s Day
The same with other countries around the world, Canadian celebrates New Year’s by holding plenty of party events. These will range from small parties with several family members until huge street parties across the country with fireworks as their peak event.

2nd July : Canada Day (Observed)
It is the national day of Canada, celebrating the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, which united three colonies into a single country called Canada. Since the date falls on Sunday, then Monday will be set as a holiday.

3th September : Labour Day
It is celebrated on the first Monday of September. Nowadays, the day has become parts of a long weekend for many Canadians.

25th December : Christmas Day
This year, Christmas will be celebrated on Tuesday.

Regional Holiday :

12th and 19th February : Family Day
There are two different holidays date that apply to different region in Canada.

30th March : Good Friday
It is a day to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ

2nd April : Easter Monday
Most business and public services are closed, including tourist service but usually some restaurants and hotels still open the reservation even though only several of them. Most people attend the church or gather with their families to have big feast and Easter egg.

21st May : Victoria Day
Canadian love to have picnics or vacation at the Victoria Week, a week before Victoria’s Day. Many public and tourist services are closed such as bank, schools, restaurants and stores. Recommendation for tourist, avoid this week because the booking schedule of travel can be so hard to get and expensive since it the highest peak of vacation.

21st May : National Patriots Day
This is a regional holiday in Quebec only.

25th June : The National Holiday of Quebec (Quebec Only)

25th June : Discovery Day
It is celebrated in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador on the nearest Monday to June 24. It is also known as Cabot 500 Day to remember Giovanni Caboto’s discovery of the province’s island portion.

6th August : Civic Day

20th August : Discovery Day
This holiday is celebrated in Yukon only.

8th October : Thanksgiving
The day where family are gathering together and sharing their love.

11th November : Remembrance Day
This day is known as veteran day where people gather together and keep in silent for several minutes.  In all provinces it is considered as day off but in Ontario, everything runs as usual.

26th December : Boxing Day
Boxing day is the day that everyone is waiting for because on December 26th, most shopping center beat their prices and hold big clearance. All public services are closed except shopping center, but don’t worry public transport will run normally as usual

Below is the Microsoft Word 2018 Calendar with Canada public holidays marking dates. Feel free to modify it to meet your own regional holidays as well as add several markings to remind you the dates you should take as days off for vacation.

And there are several general 2018 calendar templates with many different models you can find and use in this site.

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