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Excel Rental Inspection Checklist templateToday, we are living in the world where people love to sue each others to make money. Damage in a property after a tenant move out is a good weapon for the property owner to sue the tenant for the accusation of not maintaining the condition of the property. On the other hand, Rental Inspection Checklist can be the tenant’s weapon to defend him or herself from the property owner’s accusation.

If you want to rent a house, but you still wonder why you need the checklist, here is the illustration. When the property owner finds some damage in the house when you move out, he or she can easily blame you for the damage and then ask for compensation. However, the damage may already there before you moved in. Rental Inspection Checklist is useful to help you, as the tenant, to prevent such bad situation and prove to the property owner that the damages have already been there before you move in. With such written proof, you can easily get out of a bad situation and be prevented from paying for anything since you do not make any mistake there.

If you need some references, you can use this template below to help you write your checklist. There is several tables, based on area within your house, and reference item inside the tables. You can modify it based on your house situation. Be sure that you have the property owner and at least a witness to accompany you evaluate the house before you move in and sign the Rental Inspection Checklist. Make sure you keep it safe and secure until you move out of the house.

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