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Employee Performance Review Form TemplateMonitoring the performance of each employee is a difficult thing to do and it will be time consuming. Some companies have hundreds or even thousands of employees. Each employee has different character and performance. If the staffs of Human Resources department should interview and check their track record one by one, they will waste too much time.

The fastest and the simplest way are using employee performance review. This template is very important to be owned by all companies. The review paper must be operated by special staffs. Their duty is giving grades for the paper based on the performance of employees. The template includes different items related to the employee’s performance, such as honesty, work quality, productivity, technical skills, attendance and many more. Reviewers must give specific scores to each item and then sign it.

After the review is fulfilled, it can be used by human resources department to see if employees work well or not. It can also be used for deciding the winner of employee of the month program. With the review, companies will easily know the performance of each personnel without wasting too much time. It can be downloaded from the internet and then print it or just store it in the computer hard drive.

In this downloaded template, you can find written evaluation performance criteria as follows :

– Customer Service Oriented
– Communication Skill
– Eagerness to Learn
– Team work
– Leadership
– Work under pressure

– Attendance/Punctuality
– Work on Deadline
– Willingness to take more responsibilities
– Open to feedback

– Creativity
– Productivity
– Ability to work independently
– Initiative
– Effective problem solving skills

Those criteria above are samples. You might extend it to accommodate more performance criteria. As Human Resource Manager or Superior, you must give your employees their performance value by checking respective values at the right columns.

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