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Disposition Form TemplateDisposition form is a form you may use if you want to instruct your subordinate to handle respective matters as written in incoming business letters/proposals. Incoming business letter should contain any requests that you may need other department to get involved to solve it.

For example, if you receive a partnership request letter, you may want to ask your marketing and legal teams to handle it. If you receive an invoice, you may need to forward the letter to finance and accounting departments. If you receive a complain letter, you might ask customer service and logistic department to solve it. If you receive licenses issues, you may forward it to legal department to handle it. And Head of those departments might make another disposition either to other related department or their subordinates to make sure that those issues being handled well.

With this disposition form, you can track how incoming issues are handled and track the status of them. This template is free for editing. You can add your company’s logo or modify its table to meet your company’s requirement. You can print it and make several copies of them where you can use it directly every time you need it. Just put it on top of any documents that you want to forward, write your comments and sign it. You can ask your secretary or administrative staff to record it and give you update about it. Because, it is easy for you to forget what you have asked your subordinates to do because of plenty of tasks that you need to manage.

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