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Allergy Log Template for WordThis is an allergy log template, a simple form where you can put anyone who has some allergy to something, to record and identify the cause of people health issues. When you have got many people involved in certain kind of activities, you must know that not all of them have the same immune system. Each one of them may have different abilities in facing allergy. In this case, Allergy log is going to give you many advantages, like anticipating the damage which can be caused by the allergy. For example, if someone is allergic to shrimp, you can anticipate it by ensuring that there should be no shrimp during the activities. The Allergy log is not just about the food, it also carries beverage, medications, inside environment, outside environment, and animals. With this simple checklist, you can have a simple note for yourself to make sure that everything is under control.

There are guidance typed inside the template that should ease you typing suspected cause in respective category. You can expand the list if you couldn’t identify the cause based on current suspected item. Or, it could be the cause of the health issues are not allergy of something. It could be others that could lead to other diseases. You must consult with your doctor to identify it soon.

Allergy log is very important for you, especially if you are arranging a big event which involves many people. You need to have your own personal notification about each one of your participants. It can help you decide what to avoid and what to have. This allergy log template is done in Microsoft word with simple layout. You can use this simple form for a big event or just a small event.

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