House Cleaning Schedule

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House Cleaning Schedule Template for WordCleaning your house can be a daunting task if you are not organized. That’s the reason why you need to put some thought and make some planning, especially if you are a working mom or have to spend most of your time with your children.

There are some house cleaning activities that you can do everyday without consuming most of your day time, for example Wash the dishes, make your bed, send your clothes to laundry, clean the floors, clean the dust in every rooms. Probably there are others that you might put into your daily cleaning schedule. There are other activities that you have to do it once, twice, or three times a week. You should make a reminder of these activities to prevent you from skipping that tasks. Some examples of those non daily activities are vacuum your couch, clean out closets, clean refrigerator etc.

This house cleaning schedule template should help you managing your weekly cleaning activities. Just write down all your activities and mark your plan schedule on corresponding daytime.

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