2016 USA Public Holidays Calendar

steve   December 3, 2015  

2016 US Public Holidays CalendarRegarding the public holidays every country has unique days while some public holidays may come from the international intention. Every year in United States of America, there is several days those are considered being public holidays as has been announced by the nation’s authority. Public holidays in US are divided into National holiday where all states are celebrated those days and Regional holiday where that days are celebrated in some states only. Most government and public offices are closed on those days.

January 1st : New Year Day
This holiday is not just celebrated in USA but all over the world. Fireworks display is a common attraction you can see on New Year’s Eve. And the ball drop at Times Square in New York city has become a national New Year’s festivity.

January 18th : Martin Luther King Day
A day to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., US Civil Rights leader. This day sometimes referred to as a National Day of Service, where US citizen are encouraged to do volunteer services during the day.

February 15th : President’s Day
A day to honor all American presidents. The date is based on Washington’s Birthday, even though it doesn’t fall at exactly the same date.

May 30th : Memorial Day
A day to honor the nation’s war dead from the Civil War onwards. Unofficially, it marks the beginning of the summer season.

July 4th : Independence Day
An independence day of United States of America. It is celebrated with fireworks as well.

September 5th : Labor Day
A day to celebrate the achievements of labors. Unofficially, it marks the end of summer season.

October 10th : Columbus Day
A day to honor Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer who discover America in year 1492.

November 11th : Veterans Day
A day to honor all veterans of US armed forces.

November 24th : Thanksgiving
Originally, it is celebrated as the giving of thanks for the autumn harvest, but nowadays, this day is used to gather with family and shares turkey dinner.

December 26th : Christmas Day
Christmas falls on 25th, but it will be observed on December 26th because 25th falls on Sunday.

Below is the 2016 Calendar with US public holidays marked on respective dates. It is created using Microsoft Word. You can download it for free and modify date markers or add your own markers and event information on the calendar. If you are looking other models, you can explore my other 2016 calendar templates here.

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