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Job Description - Medical AssistantMedical assistant job description is so much more than just duties relating to medical matters. Most people might assume that being a medical assistant means that their work is heavily medical-related stuff all the time. In reality, there are so much duties and responsible that an aspiring medical assistant should know about and expect. Essentially, a medical assistant job description and responsibilities can be summed into “assisting patients by providing services, assistance, and information.” When seen in detailed manner, those responsibilities are translated into these duties:

  1. Verifying medical information of patients by interviewing them, recording their medical histories, as well as confirming their purpose of visit.
  2. Making necessary preparations for patient examinations by doing tasks such as taking blood samples, recording their weight and other relevant physical information, as well as reporting the medical condition of the patients
  3. Helping the doctors by doing necessary office procedures before surgeries
  4. Keeping all of the patients’ information confidential and secure by safeguarding them, completing procedure and diagnostic coding in discreet.
  5. Counseling patients and their family by passing orders from the doctors and answering concerns or questions regarding a surgical process.
  6. Making surgery appointment with the hospital’s surgical center, as well as confirming the time with the patients
  7. Preparing all of the necessary documents and other preparations before a surgical procedure
  8. Maintaining a healthy, secure, and save working environment by following, establishing, and complying with standards and regulations.
  9. Keeping all of the supplies in stock and providing the inventories with all of the necessary items, verifying medical bills and receipts
  10. Maintaining the order of medical equipment and making sure they all work properly
  11. Enhancing the reputation of practice by exploring various work opportunities that can add more values to the work accomplishments.
  12. Greeting patients and answering telephones
  13. Filing and updating the medical records of patients
  14. Handling financial book-keeping and other administrative work

There are some qualifications and skills a medical assistant should have, including:

  • Professional medical skills
  • Capability to work with the technical matters of medical procedures
  • Verbal communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Professionalism
  • Confidentiality
  • Teamwork skills
  • Bedside manners
  • Management skills

Medical assistants are required to perform routine clinical duties as well as administrative tasks as well as making sure that the offices of healthcare teams are working in order. Medical assistants’ duties might vary from one office to another and will depend on the expertise of the practitioner as well the size and location of the medical practice.

If job description above are not fit with your current duties and responsibilities, you can create your own by using job description template below.

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