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DJ Contract TemplateDisc Jockey (DJ) contract template is incredibly needed if you are about to hire a DJ to perform in an events such as party or gathering. Even though hiring a DJ does not seem to be a complicated thing, there will be some paperwork to sign, still. It is to avoid any unwanted misunderstanding between the DJ and us, as the client. The contract will clearly state the date, time and place of the event and it will determine the exact time when the DJ should show up. It will also include the music playlist that the DJ has to play during the event and more importantly: the payment that we have to pay for the DJ. Below is more information about simple DJ contract template you can use as your reference :

What should be Written in DJ Contract?
In the contract, you have to make a clear explanation about several things.

First, it is the date, time and place of the event and the time when the DJ has to show up, get on the stage, and perform. You will also have to write the duration of the their performance.

Second, the payment that has to be paid to the DJ as well as its method of payment, for example you must state the amount of payment that you will pay in advance and the amount of payment after the performance is completed with certain condition. You must also state if there is additional fee that must be paid if the DJ’s performance duration is exceeded agreeable duration.

Third, the music playlist that has to be played by the DJ. Here, you and DJ must clarify all necessary licenses that should be or shouldn’t be required for mixing somebody’s music. Don’t forget to put any disclaimer in it.

Fourth, it is the setup including which equipment that the DJ should provides by himself and which equipment you as client have to provide.

It could be more that can be put in the contract. If you have your own lawyer, you don’t have to worry about creating one, since your lawyer might have been put any clauses that will put you on the safer side. Anyway, below is a DJ contract sample you can use as your own reference.

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