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Marriage Contract  Sample in Microsoft WordA marriage contract is a legal contract drafted based on the request of the couples and is signed by them before the marriage or few days after the marriage. This contract contains how everything will be handled by the couples after the marriage and can also cover how the things will be handled if the marriage breaks down. Absolutely, this contract is aimed at making everything clear so that any kind of possible conflicts can be reduced by asking everyone to refer to the contract statements. Before finally making decision to have a marriage contract, the couples can learn a marriage contract sample in order to ensure them that they want it.

Why is a Marriage Contract Needed?
A marriage contract is needed by couples with the following conditions:
• There is a significant amount of property belongs to one of them or each of the couple that is going into the marriage
• One of them has an expectation to get some of the properties during the marriage
• The couples want to anticipate any possible separation between the two of them by preventing any anger or stress that is caused by the division of debt and property
• There is an uncomfortable experience that one of them has in the previous marriage concerning with property and debt
• There are some children or even a child from previous marriage that will be brought into the marriage
• One of them has a significant amount of debt when entering the marriage

What are included in a Marriage Contract?
A marriage contract can cover anything that is related to the couples. The following are the general topics for the marriage contract statements.
• Whether the property of the two persons will be handled jointly or separately after the marriage
• Whether there is certain division of the property and debt that are gained after the marriage or the two of them will handle it together
• Whether the two of them will share the value of any property bought after the marriage
• How the property will be managed if one of them passes away.
• How retirement will be planned and handled in the future
• How inheritance will be managed
• How the two persons will handle the payment of all expenses after the marriage.
• How the couple will raise the children that come from previous marriage.
• How the children that are born after the marriage will be taken care in case there is a separation between the two persons in the future

This Marriage contract template created in Microsoft Word below is just a sample that you can download and read several important points you have consider when you want to create one. Do not use this contract as it is. You must consult your marriage lawyer if you want to create one.

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