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Housekeeping Checklist TemplateIf you are a working parent or couple who is very busy, hiring a housekeeper is a good solution. Since you are always far from home, you will not have a time to clean the carpet, take care of the shelves, or tidying up the room, so the another hand will give a big difference. However, since you have limited time at home, you can always speak to the housekeeper about what have to do or do not. If we do not say it, how our housekeeper can know what we want?

Stop speaking from heart to heart literally. We need something which can explain to the housekeeper what task which should be done at our house and housekeeping list can do that. The housekeeping list consists of some tasks that have to finish by the housekeeper that include all parts of the house and its appliances from the biggest to the smallest Through this list, the housekeeper will be helped to remember the given task and small details. For the homeowners, they can monitor the way the housekeeper works and see their capability whether they have done all the checked lists or not. The name of the housekeeper is attached for responsibility reason.

This housekeeping list includes many basic tasks that have to be accomplished by the housekeeper such as walking surfaces contains of the condition of the mentioned section. Cleaning task includes sections of the house. Other checklists contain with the appliances of the house such as fire extinguishers, electric panels, containers and storage. The above part, there some inspector identities such as the printed name, signature and the date.

Feel free to modify this housekeeping checklist template to suit your own tasks that should depend on type of houses/rooms/places where the housekeeper is located.

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