New Year’s Resolution

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New Years Resolution Template for Microsoft WordNew Year’s Resolution has become a necessity for many people to give them goals that has to be achieved in upcoming year. Specify goals are easy. The hardest part is to achieve those goals. Most of people is failed to attain 100% of their goals. The main reason why they failed is they didn’t do enough effort to reach it or they were just too busy with their routine activities which made them forgot about it. For example, you want to lose your weight but you don’t do diet. You want to quit smoking but you always socialize with smokers. It is human. There is nothing wrong with it.

But, still, you have to find a piece of paper, or just just download this template, start to write your goals and stick in your room wall or locker. At least you will have something that you can take a look which could inspire you to make a plan to achieve it while you have time. And try to think a reasonable goal. It will give you higher percentage achievement by the end of the upcoming year and can boost up your spirit to plan a better resolution.

Good Luck.

  New Years Resolution (Excel 2007/2010) (15.9 KiB, 876 hits)

  New Years Resolution (Excel 97/2003) (40.0 KiB, 594 hits)

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