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Customer Complaint Form TemplateAs part of your customer retention services, you must provide after sales services to all of your customers to address any issues that should arise when they use your products. No matter how perfect you create a product, chances of having at least one product is not functioning properly are high. Either it is caused by improper use or imperfect product. It might not seen when you test the product or when you demonstrate it to your visitor, but it is shown when your customer use it for several days. Especially if you sell electronic products. Electronic product is built from circuit boards and components that have to be built carefully in production area. That’s the reason you might see big companies with famous brands are opening many electronic service centers around the world to support their customers.

If you are doing business in a smaller scale you might need to provide this kind of services as well. Customer services are needed for any type of businesses. It is a must to keep your customer buying your products and services where they will spread good words about your services if you handled them well. If you are managing a separate department to handle this, you might need forms to record any complaints that come to your department. If you need a reference, you can use this customer complaint form template. You can either modify a little and use it directly or create a new one based on this template.

In this free form template you can find general needed information such as :
– Customer information (name, address, phone number)
– Product information (brand, model, type, purchase store and date, warranty date)
– Complaint information (complaint detail, correction action, suspective cause and proposed action)
– Customer and officer signatures

You can add more tables and rows to record other needed information as required by your company.

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