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Installation Form Template for WordOne of a document needed for any financial department to start charging their company’s customers and for any technical department to proof the installation has been done successfully is an installation form. It could be named operation form as well, basically the aim is the same. It is used to declare that the job has been done. This installation form template is a sample of document with general information needed to be filled for internet modem installation. It can be modified to fit any type of technical installation, like TV cable installation, electricity wiring installation, home security installation etc.

This document is usually brought by assigned technician which must be signed by both technician and customer to declare the installation has been done successfully. As you can see in this template, there are several categories with detail item that need to be filled. Those categories are :

Customer Information

This part must be filled with customer information, like name, address, phone number etc. Sometimes, they are already printed where the technician just need to confirm the data before doing the installation

Technician Information

Here, person who do the installation must be put. It is used to track the technician back just in case there is a dispute in the future regarding the installation.

Installation and Operation Information

This is the part where all technical information must be typed. Certain equipment requires a minimum value, technically, to justify the equipment is on a level that can operate properly. For example, installing satellite TV requires certain signal receiving level to avoid any disturbances while watching the TV. It applies to cable or WiFi internet as well. There are specific measurement tools or software which usually brought by them to measure it.

You can download the installation form template below. Feel free to modify it to meet your specific requirement.

  Installation Form Template (15.1 KiB, 220 hits)


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