Hotel Laundry Price List

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Hotel Laundry Price List TemplateThis is a laundry price list specifically designed for small hotels or for you who plan to offer laundry services as part of your hotel services. It is created in Microsoft Word that should ease you on customizing its item and format to meet your own business style. There are two models you can download. All of them already have general laundry item lists that you can add or remove. These templates should be useful if you are looking a quick solution of providing your guests price list that usually being put in each guests room, just in case you are running out of printed price lists and waiting for new ones. You just need to have Microsoft Word to personalize it.

The first model is a simple one. It has blank columns for number of clothes, item, unit price and  total amount. It differentiates area for gentlemen at the left side and ladies at the right side. Other information are room number, guest name and date. At the bottom of this list are allocated for remarks and guest signature.

The second model has more area for additional information, like number of pieces based on both guests and hotel calculation. Other significant differences are table allocation where it doesn’t differentiate between gentlemen and ladies but it differentiates tables based on type of services, those are laundry, dry cleaning and pressing services. You can add more item in all of these tables. And there are remarks typed in laundry papers to inform guess about laundry services working hours as well as hotel terms and conditions of using this services.

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