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Gadget Specification TemplateNowadays, customers are smart. They will not buy something before they know the quality of the product. Before they buy a gadget, they will ask for its specification so they will know whether the gadget could meet their needs or not. Customers also use the specification to make a comparison between two or more gadgets. Therefore, if you sell gadgets, you need to provide product specification to your customer. This specification template can be used for any kind of gadgets, but you will find a sample document below with tablet specification write as its dummy contents.

Actually, the manufacturer must have completed the product with documents including specification. However, it is impossible if you open the box and show the document to your customer before you sell it. Therefore, if you do not have the copy of the document, you can use Tablet Specification template to create the specification by yourself. Even more, when you create product specification of various products yourself, you can make it in the same order so your customers can easily compare the products by reading the specification side by side.

When filling in the template, you need to be very careful. You should not make any mistake in its specification because wrong data could create disaster. Your customers will complain for the differences between specification data and the real specification of the tablet. Therefore, make sure you write down the name of the brand and the model right, put the right images, and write the right data.

There are two models you can download. One with all specification written within one page without any subcategories and other with subcategories where it will have related specification are grouped to ease you comparing with other gadgets. Remember to double checks its contents after you update it to make sure that there are no misinformation are written that could mislead your potential buyers.

  Gadget Specification Template (24.0 KiB, 100 hits)

  Gadget Specification Template with Subcategory (53.4 KiB, 251 hits)

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