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Nanny Contract Template WordNanny contract is a contract with your nanny about something relate to their jobs. This contract should protect you and your nanny on any disputes which might arise when your nanny is doing her job. Actually, nanny contract is not legally required. But having a nanny contract will always be a good idea. It allows you to draw the ground rules. Getting the ground rules is not just clarifying the arrangements. It works by protecting you both. When there is a problem, nanny contract will solve it sooner. But more than it, nanny contract can reduce the risk and the impact of those problems.

The simple answer for this question is “everything related to the nanny’s job”. Detail is important. There is nothing too small, including the details. For example, your nanny may get a room and the other facilities for the job. But you have to control it carefully. The border between the personal use and the professional use must be clear. Even there is no need to cover the personal phone line for the nanny. But contract is not just about clarifying the duties. It must include the rights of the nanny as well. It includes vacation, personal sick days and holiday. The contract must have the other information such as:
• The work hours
• The wages and pay schedule
• Benefits such as health insurance, holidays and paid vacation
• The duties
• Evening work agreement
• Additional costs
• Emergency plans
• The other special situations

There are 2 free samples on Nanny contracts that you can download them below. Because it is free, you have to read it carefully. Several items might not suit your conditions. If they have enough knowledge about the law, this is not a big problem. You have to make sure that written items are met your conditions even though most of those contracts are signed as unofficial agreement only to bound your nanny that you hire them seriously and let they do their jobs based on their experience and give you some comfort while leaving your house for work. If you want to get a legal one, it will be better to ask your attorney to make it. But, before that reading this template first will help you to see the outline of the contract and see what you really need.

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  Nanny Contract Template 2 (41.5 KiB, 512 hits)

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