2014 Linear Calendar

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2014 Linear Calendar Template for Microsoft WordHave you seen this type of calendar? You can enlarge this image to see it more clearly. If you haven’t you can download this template created in Microsoft Word below. If you have ever seen it, perhaps you want to have the 2014 version. This is a type of calendar which should be suitable for people who work for event organizer, teachers, and any people who create plans that span over some period where seeing those period in linear display is better than seeing in usual calendar layout.

It is created in Microsoft Word to help you personalizing this template before you print it. You can start your personalization by print it first, typing your rough dates in table below the calendar and mark consecutive dates by pulling a line between your start and end date using marker. When all dates are fixed, you can re-type in Microsoft Word, and colorizing the dates in the calendar. Then, you can print it again, but this time it is filled with your dates. You can modify its fonts and border to meet your own taste. When it is finished, you can make several copies and distribute it among your students, friends, relatives etc.

If you want to have a more advance calendar with this type, you can download the excel version where you can just type your dates and let the excel formula map it in the calendar automatically.

  2014 Linear Calendar - Full Dates (22.5 KiB, 1,332 hits)

  2014 Linear Calendar - Full Dates - A3 Size (21.8 KiB, 939 hits)

  2014 Linear Calendar - Dates only on Related Month (21.7 KiB, 984 hits)

  2014 Linear Calendar - Dates only on Related Month - A3 Size (21.1 KiB, 725 hits)

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