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Phone Extension List Template for WordCan you remember all of your colleagues extension numbers in your office? I don’t think you can, except your company only has less than 20 employees or you have an extraordinary memory inside your head. That’s the reason why you see phone extension list on every desks in any companies to ease their employees communicate with their colleagues.

If you are a new employee, a phone list extension is one of the first item you will need. And having short but complete information regarding the employee will make you not to guess about the position of people you are trying to contact.

If you are working in GA department, or want to find phone extension list templates, there are three phone extension list templates that you can download here. From the simple one that consists only extension and name, until the template that provide department and position columns which will help you communicate with correct persons.

  Phone Extension List - 2 Columns (91.0 KiB, 4,061 hits)

  Phone Extension List - 3 Columns (93.0 KiB, 2,454 hits)

  Phone Extension List - 4 Columns (97.0 KiB, 2,531 hits)

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