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Daily Event Schedule Template for WordThis is a one page schedule template that you can use to plan your one day event. Some examples of one day events are seminar, training, public lecture, concert, etc. Because this is a plain template, you should personalize it to make it more attractive. You can change the border styles, enlarge some important words, differentiate some font styles, put pictures etc.

If you use this template as part of multi-day events, make sure that you put date and day names on top of the table to prevent any duplicates when you sort it out. There are two templates you can choose and download. In the first template, you can add events based on fixed period of time. It is more suitable for training or lecture event. In the second template, you can write your event in description column, put additional information in speaker/notes column (you can change the column title), and put the period of each event in period column. This one is more flexible for seminar, or other non fixed time events.

  Daily Event Schedule Template (38.5 KiB, 3,267 hits)

  Daily Event Schedule Template - Flexible Time Period (35.0 KiB, 2,583 hits)

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