Meeting Room Reservation Form

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Meeting Room Reservation Form TemplateSometimes you need to arrange a business meeting with your clients or with your company’s board. You could hold these meetings at your office or work space. But sometimes you have to do it in meeting room at the hotel or conference room that need to be reserved first. If you want to reserve these rooms, you need to fill the meeting room reservation form that required by your GA manager or secretary or any employees who have responsibilities to manage the rooms. This is important to avoid collision schedule where one meeting room booked in the same time by two different teams. Also, you can use this reservation forms as records for occupancy analysis, especially if you treat these meeting rooms as rental properties.

In this meeting room reservation templates, you can type your meeting time as well as its agenda and your identity. There are 2 models. The first model is a form that can be used for one meeting room for daily reservation. You can make as many copies as you want, bundle it and put dates based on your companies working days where meeting rooms are available to be used. The second model is a form which still to be used as a daily form but you can put all of your meeting room numbers/names in one form. If you want to reserve a meeting room, mark the hours and put your names below it in reserved by rows.

These meeting room reservation templates are free to be personalized to meet your companies style. You can create your own as well and use these templates as your references.

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