2013 Monthly Calendar

steve   December 6, 2012  

2013 Monthly Calendar Template for Microsoft WordTake a long vacation, see all of your favorite football team matches, visiting top 10 beautiful places around the world, sun bathing in top 5 beaches, getting married, etc… There are thousands planning where probably one piece of paper won’t fit what you have in your mind about your planning activities in year 2013. But, one thing for sure, you will always be in this situation again by the end of 2013 if you are not planning to write down some of your plan and try to commit to fulfill it, at least, some of them.

This 2013 monthly calendar is just a simple tool to help you managing your 2013 planned activities. It is created using Microsoft Word where you can easily modify its layout, color and writing a short description of your plan in related date boxes. There are two types of monthly calendars available to be downloaded. The first one is a 12 month calendar in a single file, and the second one is 12 monthly calendar in 12 files.

This calendar is created based on 2012 calendar. You will find no major changes except the dates. There are two files in one zip file, one file to be used with Microsoft Word 2003 and below, the other one to be used with Microsoft Word 2007 and above.

  2013 Monthly Calendar (49.6 KiB, 780 hits)

Individual Calendars

  January 2013 Calendar (23.4 KiB, 433 hits)

  February 2013 Calendar (23.0 KiB, 381 hits)

  March 2013 Calendar (22.9 KiB, 426 hits)

  April 2013 Calendar (23.0 KiB, 417 hits)

  May 2013 Calendar (22.7 KiB, 383 hits)

  June 2013 Calendar (22.8 KiB, 364 hits)

  July 2013 Calendar (22.9 KiB, 385 hits)

  August 2013 Calendar (22.8 KiB, 390 hits)

  September 2013 Calendar (23.0 KiB, 414 hits)

  October 2013 Calendar (22.9 KiB, 376 hits)

  November 2013 Calendar (22.9 KiB, 387 hits)

  December 2013 Calendar (23.3 KiB, 355 hits)