Warranty and Insurance Claim Tracker

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Warranty and Insurance Claim Tracker Template for WordTyping any information related with your precious item should be helpful especially when they are broken or lost and you want to claim insurances. You may need a form to write it down. And this warranty and insurance claim tracker template should become a useful form to start record all needed information.

It’s obvious. If you do not pay your insurance regular payment according to the specified time period, your insurance policy could become invalid. This means that you no longer covered by insurance. This is what often happens. In the early days, customers were very diligently in paying their insurance payment, but at a certain time, they stopped paying, even up to the time limit. So then after that, your insurance account will be totally banned. Therefore, make sure you know the rules of your premium payments. Don’t let your insurance policy becomes invalid just because you forgot to pay premiums on time. In order to avoid this “forgetful moment”, it’s highly recommended to use insurance claim tracker.

Furthermore, there is another tracker which will help you in listing not only those kinds of insurance mentioned, but also help in making a detailed breakdown about the warranty of every items you have bought. This tracker or checklist consists of 12 columns to help you in remembering warranty and insurance claim in every item. Those columns are the kinds of item, where it’s purchased from, the purchase date, the price, the company product, the model number, serial number, expiration date, and other four descriptions more. Trust me it will be very helpful and convenient in claiming insurance if there is something happen with your damaged items one day. If your items are broken before the due date of expiration, you can a refund or get the brand new item. Therefore, besides writing the items’ specification with the tracker, you need also keep the card warranty that you get after purchasing.

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